I work at Graven, in Glasgow. I was born in 1976, the same year as both punk and Star Wars, I went to the UK’s oldest art school, in Derby, and I DJ at the world’s biggest burlesque club.

I’m a very capable designer. I’ve always specialised in typography, branding and print-based communication, though I’m also capable and experienced in interactive media, exhibitions, interior design and experience design. I’m a great team member and an equally good team leader.

I love magazine design and typographic design a little bit more than is strictly healthy and am still not quite sure how I ended up in a more general design career instead of specialising in one of the two.

I had CMYK registration marks tattooed on to my forearm seventeen years ago. It’s a good reminder that web design really isn’t my thing … I belong in print. Ink is quite literally in my blood.


You can email me on tony@tonyblow.com and find me being massively unprofessional on Twitter as @poprock.